10/11/2015 – Evangelist Barry Young – How to handle opposition.

2 Chronicles 13:10-18

I. Make yourself____________in the Lord(v10-12)

  • Don’t turn to____________(v10 We have not forsaken him)
  • Do what God____________(v11 We are observing the requirements of the Lord our God)
  • Application:  ____________are responsible to make you strong in the Lord

II. Make sure you fight the_____________ enemy(v12)

  • Do not fight against____________(v12 Do not fight against the Lord)
  • Do not fight against God’s_____________(v12 God is with us)
  • Application:  Save your_____________for the devil

III.  Make sure you don’t completely trust in the _____________of men(v13)

  • The opposition had a_____________ army(2 Chronicles 13:3)
  • The people of God were______________(v13 The ambush was behind them)
  • Application:  If you trust God you will never be_____________

IV. Make sure you respond in____________ not fear(v14-15)

  • God’s people didn’t______________(v14 The priests blew their trumpets)
  • God’s people ______________ themselves to win(v15 The men of Judah raised the battle cry)
  • Application:  You can either submit to your_______________ or to your faith

V. Make sure you don’t let what you_______________ keep you from God’s plan(v14)

  • God’s people saw they were attacked from all ______________(v14 Judah turned and saw that they were being attacked at both front and rear)
  • God’s people saw this was______________(v14 They cried out to the Lord)
  • Application:  Stand on the Word even if it disagrees with the current_______________

What to leave with:

-Notice______________ people face the fiercest attacks

-Notice you don’t get victory till you_____________ there is an attack

-Notice God does the______________

jlanham10/11/2015 – Evangelist Barry Young – How to handle opposition.