[THE HOLY NATIVITY]                                                           12.08.2019

By Dr. Harvey Hatcher | Columbia First Assembly | Clara Stark, Director


Angel               Jenni Benus

Mary                Jessica Ragsdell

Joseph              Ellis Benus

Children           Easton, Evie & Millie Benus

Shepherd         Rosa Lee Samson

Wise Men         Dennis Booth

Bo Ertz

Reggie Hicks

Narrators         Margie Cortes’

Laura Ertz

Linda Waage

Costumes Assistant – Sondra Wassmann

Deaf Interpretation – Janna Knowles

Sound & Media – Kyle & Kathryn Melton

Graphic Design – Kathryn Melton

Accompaniment – Pastor Tracy Cook

This play is an adaptation of The Holy Nativity by Dr. Harvey B. Hatcher, written in 1957 Dr. Hatcher was the father of our own Marilyn Hargis. Marilyn shared these remarks:


It was the year before we moved to Texas where he taught at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He taught speech and drama to college students, many of whom were pastors of little churches on the weekend. As Christmas rolled around, they weren’t sure what they should do to honor Christ and keep Him foremost during the Christmas season. Dad decided to see if he could write something that could be adapted to be used in churches, no matter the size or ability or budget.


He used this as a format for a very small newly organized church, a college church, and a fairly large city church. Small churches with no budget for costumes and very few people, were silhouetted behind a screen, where the largest churches used trumpet and string quartets, an organ and full choir, and a speech choir. His hope and his prayer was to have a worshipful Christmas program that could be used in a variety of circumstances.