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Our mission:

To be a place to belong, give a purpose to believe in and develop a passion to become who God created us to be.

Our desire is that youth discover a relationship with Christ, which is the only way to experience life to the fullest.

All youth have God-given potential, and our goal is to help them learn how to develop the gifts and abilities He has given them. This will help them “see and seize” their potential in every area of their lives: spiritually, relationally, academically, and personally. Through this we’re empowering youth to impact their communities for Christ.

Youth Service

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Parker Hall 

Monthly Events

Check the Church Calendar for our next event!

Sunday Mornings

Sundays @ 9:30am, Upstairs Parker Hall


Joseph Lanham – Student Ministries Pastor

573.443.3626 Ext 15

jlanhamB3 Student Ministries