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2021 National Women’s Ministries Theme

AG Women’s theme for 2021 for women in the Assemblies of God is “She Abides.”

Isn’t the world a chaotic place? Sometimes it seems like every year, or even every day, things get more complex and more challenging to manage.

It would be nice if all you had to do to get a handle on things was get away for a few days and relax. The problem is, you don’t have the time to get away, and even if you do, all the challenges are still waiting for you when you come back.

It seems like you’re always searching for some kind of formula to help you handle the chaos or at least manage the stress of it all better.

Unfortunately, it never seems to work.

You try plan after plan only to find yourself feeling more worried and unsettled than ever. Even worse, putting forth all that effort and getting no results makes you feel helpless and completely out of control.

If you ever feel like giving up and start wondering, “If I’m a Christian and we’re supposed to have the peace of God, why do I still feel so unsettled?” you’re not alone.

We understand what it feels like when you look at your life and think This is all too much, and I’m not enough. But it’s not true.

Jodi Detrick knows exactly what you’re going through. As a Christian woman in today’s culture, she faced all the same challenges, hurts, and insecurities you do, and realized there’s only person who can help us: Jesus.

In Settled Soul: Tenaciously Abiding with a Tender God, Jodi offers the chance to get away spiritually and focus on resting in your Savior. You’ll discover simple practices that can help you actively pursue the peace and contentment only Jesus can offer, no matter the chaos that surrounds you.

Quoted from the National AG Women’s website,